Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Tonight Starchy and I are going out.  

We are attending "Welcomeburger".  

No, I am not joking, that is what its really called.  It is a gathering in the center of our dinky rural town hosted by the Chamber of Commerce.  Although I have lived here since 2004, tonight will be when I lose my Welcomeburger virginity.

Apparently there is beer (good) and burgers (obviously) but what I am most looking forward to is the people watching!  

I come from a LONG line of people watchers.  

My grandma is so in-tune with her people watching skills that I think if she tried really hard, she could burn a hole in someones forehead.  When Starchy met her for the first time, he nicknamed her "The Hawk" (no joke, he said she didn't blink or take her eyes off him for two straight hours).  The woman doesn't miss a beat.

And my mom is the junior version...a mini-hawk of sorts (although she has more tact and doesn't stare at someone across the dinner table like grandma).  

My mom and her girlfriends came up with this game when they were sitting at the beer gardens at MY hometown carnival.  The game is called "Perfect 10".  The objective is to find a person, (they can be young or old, male of female) that embodies gorgeousness/fabulousness/charisma.  
I should point out here, that this game is really hard.  

Most of the time you can find 8's and occasionally you can find a 9, but it is rare.  The person cannot have a gorgeous face but poor style.  They cannot have a great body, but have nappy hair.  They cannot walk confidently but have heinous shoes or gaudy make-up.  

In order to be scored a 10, the person must be the total package.

At Welcomeburger tonight I shall have a beer in one hand and my camera in the other.  I will do my family proud and hone in on my hawk-eye skills.  I shall be on the quest for the elusive "perfect 10".  

After taking in all of the sights if I do, in fact, find a "Perfect 10" you'd better believe I will snap a picture and report back.

Wish me luck!


While Welcomeburger was fun, the elusive "Perfect 10" was not located.  

Frankie (my garage sale partner in crime) and I had a blast and definitely got our money's worth at both the food and the beer tent.  We kept a roving eye on the crowd at all times, but the best we saw was an "8".  

I plan on having my camera with me during the Riverfest activities this weekend.  I will be people watching and updating if I should see anything of note!


Frances said...

I'm SO with you. Bring your glasses and we can be really sly.

one lucky ducky said...

I am a HUGE people watcher!! I get it from my dad. I can be watching someone and have a conversation with Gabe at the same time...I'm awesome! haha... :o)

momto2boys said...

I love that game. My friens and I used to sit at the mall on a nice little bench and watch people walk by. Then we would try to guess what was going on in their life and what their conversations could possibly be about...loved it... except I often wondered if people did that about me.

LiteralDan said...

Next time you should go toddler style and just openly stare at and shout comments about everyone you see. Preferably when you are discussing all the reasons they are NOT a perfect 10.

The game gets so much more interesting that way.