Monday, July 14, 2008

So Hot!

The Crew and I went for a long walk this morning.  The little ones (Sissy and The Drooler) loved it.  They were crusin' in a double stroller and having a good ol' time (although, looking back, they were shaded and rather cushy in their spots...and they couldn't really complain if they wanted to).

The three older ones (Miss. Thang, HP and The Dude) weren't so content.  

Granted it was sunny and getting warmer by the second.  But the three of them turned on the dramatics like I have never seen.  You would have thought I was making them run a marathon in the Sahara (instead of a walk around the block).  

The Dude was shirtless (his new favorite summer thing to do) and asked me to stop at least 5 times so he could use my shorts as a backscratcher (visual: like a grizzly bear using a tree to scratch his back).  I am sure the neighbors thought we were straight out of a traveling freak show.  

Miss. Thang was convinced she was going to melt.  No, I am not kidding.  She kept running to the shade like she was some sort of human Popsicle who might melt from sun exposure, all the while yelling to me "Rikki, I think I am MELTING!" (I should note the temperature when we left was 72 degrees, and we were probably outside for MAYBE 30 minutes).

HP was all about finding a drink.  She is still working on enunciating her words and it came out sounding like either "Mommy, I'm really firsty" or "I want a dink of water".  Either way, hilarious.

Anyways, we survived the walk and after cooling off with the garden hose (and getting a "dink") the kids actually played in the backyard for another 30 minutes (they are so fickle).

When I deemed it was time to come in, I snapped these pre-lunch photo's.  I think the kids in my care are some of the cutest around.

Don't you? :)

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jen said...

Love it. Peanut, surely would have added nicely to the dramatics! The kids are adoreable. Swanny Jr has the same outfit the Drooler was wearing...I'll have to send him in it so they can match sometime!