Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Nakie on the pot

Can someone explain to me why The Dude insists on taking ALL of his clothes off when he goes to the bathroom?

Over the past few days I have noticed him taking an unusually long time in the bathroom.  He has always been rather quick to do his duty and be done with it.  My curiosity was piqued, so I have been looking in on him (every time I do he says with just a hint of attitude "Mom, can you please close the door, I need some private time").

Every time he goes #2, he has to strip naked BEFORE sitting on the pot.  Now I can understand taking your bottoms and underwear off.  But why does one need to take of their socks and shirts to take a poo?

Is this a boy thing?  A kid thing?  Or just a little idiosyncrasy of The Dude's?  Any other naked poopers out there?


daniellebell said...

Perhaps because he is like his father and wouldn't want to contaminate anything in the process?

momto2boys said...

OMG...my boy did this for the longest time also. I was so glad he didn't like to poop at preschool or the teachers might not have been to thrilled with that. Here's to a quick passing phase.

The Mrs. said...

Must be a kid thing - my four year old does it too, although she's better about keeping her shirt on than she used to be. Pants and underwear must be on the floor during potty activities though!