Friday, July 11, 2008

Bear Down!

I love the Chicago Bears.

I love football season and all the hoopla that comes with it.  

Our family gets so excited about football we plan each game as if it is our last, starting early in the morning on football Sunday's (usually with Bloody Mary's and Hot Eggs...yum).  We take turns watching the game at each others house, and no Bears game is complete without enough food and drink to feed an army.

Over the past few years we have accumulated quite a bit of Bears paraphernalia.  The kids both have their own jersey's.  Starchy and I have t-shirts and sweatshirts.  Basically, any given Sunday in the fall, you will find our family in head-to-toe orange, white and navy.

A couple of days ago, The Drooler  had saturated the bib his mum and dad sent him with, so I lent him one of ours.

It happened to be a Chicago Bears bib.

His mum chuckled to herself when she picked him up and said to The Drooler "I don't think your Daddy is going to like that bib".

This is what he came to daycare wearing the NEXT day.  

So, The Drooler's dad is a Steeler's fan and I know Peanut's mom is a Packer's fan.  This is going to make for a fun football season this year!  GO BEARS!


zztopdog said...

Yes, but Peanut's dad is a Bears fan, and her QC grammys are Bears fans, so her mom is way out numbered!

Rikki said...

Thanks goodess we are stacking the odds in our favor! Now, what are the Packer Fans going to do if Favre becomes a Bear?

Chatty & Brina said...

That would only be the single most incredible Bears team ever! Only to be topped if "Da' Coach" was on the sidelines. BTW: 11 days (the 23rd) til' trainging camp and 26 days (Aug. 7th) til' the first preseason game against the Chiefs. YES! My life begins again!

jen said...

Da Bears won't be lucky enough to land Favre at QB, but that's OK--they still have Grossman! :) I love Football season with a passion as well. Typically I start talking trash to Bears fans: Bring. It. On. etc. but considering the Pack was winless against those punks last season and as you've mentioned will be missing #4...I may have to play this season a little more humble. We'll see. GO PACK GO!! (Oh, and M-I-Z-Z-O-U--Peanut is already asking when we'll go back to Columbia for a football game)