Friday, July 11, 2008

Spray Crack

My kids are weird.  Not the kids I watch day-to-day (although they all have their moments).  I am talking about the two mini-freaks who share the same last name as me.  

HP and The Dude are both food sneakers.  What do I mean by food sneakers you ask?  I mean, even though we feed them three solid meals a day, and snacks when they need a bit to tide them over, they still raid the fridge when I am not looking.  

I know this is not terribly uncommon (I remember as a youngster eating Duncan Hines frosting straight out of the can while hiding in my closet), but my kids don't go for the sweet "off-limits" stuff.  

They go for the spray butter.

I kid you not.  Both of them have been caught multiple times in the past few days with their grubby little hands clutching a bottle of "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" spray.

The Dude is more crafty.  He at least tries to hide it.  Yesterday he went upstairs to "change his shorts".  When the little bugger came back down, he had a light yellow smudge on his chin.  Yep.  Busted.  I even made him breathe on me and it smelled like movie popcorn.  When I asked him why he insisted on eating spray butter, he replied (with puppy dog eyes no less)  "I just really like butter, mom".  

HP on the other hand flaunts her spray butter addiction right out in the open.  There will be times when we are watching TV at night and she will just waltz into the room with her lips around the butter, just spraying away.  It is so gross.

I may have to put the spray butter under lock and key, unless anybody else has any better suggestions!


Chatty & Brina said...

That is seriously the funniest thing I have ever heard. Just when I thought your kids would not get any stranger...spray crack...

jen said...

I have no suggestions daughter picked up the lid of the butter dish at Grandpa's house last weekend and licked it...twice!