Thursday, January 22, 2009

Crew Cuts Vol. 7

Since my posts have been sporadic (to say the least) I am trying to play catch-up.  Here are some recent shots taken around home base.

One of our favorite games to play is the "running game" (I know, really original name for it!).  The kids line up along the wall and (after all toys are cleared out of the way) I have them run to the other end of the playroom.  The only thing that makes this game interesting (at least in my eyes) is that each time, I tell the kids to run a certain way (on their tiptoes, with their arms out like an airplane, hopping like a bunny, etc.).  This shot, is blurry because their instructions were to run CRAZY!  Gotta love Sissy out in front not knowing what the heck is going on! :D

HP, looking more four than three.

The group reading about Arthur and his bad manners.  They sit really well for story time!

Swanny Jr.  Getting so big!

We used paper to make a "castle" in the playroom.  

Well hello there Shmook.  Don't you have two of the biggest blue eyes.  
Dunk, a before and after school new addition!  He is quiet but has a big heart!

The Dude (Mom, he is still wearing his "golden medal" he got from Hemmy at Christmas).  We made beaded bracelets this day.  

Swanny Jr after I played "beauty shop" with him!  I couldn't help myself.  He looks so hard core! :)

Winter Wonderland!

The weather here in Illinois has been chilly lately.  Not, Saskatchewan chilly, but too chilly for the kids to be outside enjoying the snow.  

Not today.

It was gorgeous out.

The entire crew (yes, even the babes) went outside to romp in the snow.  

The little ones only stayed out for 10 minutes, but they seemed to enjoy their little sled ride around the backyard.    They were all intrigued by the snow.  With the exception of Sissy, I would say they enjoyed getting to go outside (although, none of them can talk, so I could be totally wrong in guessing their enjoyment level!).

The older kids were in hog heaven.  They had some serious cabin fever and the only prescription was playing in the snow.  They had a hoot.  If I hadn't forced them inside after an hour, I am sure they would have played all day.

See for yourself...

Peanut struggled with the snow covered stairs, but with a little encouragement from HP (who isn't the most patient of kids) she managed to get to the "castle".

Shmook taking in his surroundings.  He didn't want to venture off the sled, but did smile when I put a tiny snowball in his lap.

Swanny Jr. really liked the ride.  I had blankets in the sled keeping the babes warm which made for a slippery seat, but lil' man had no problems at all!

Sisterly love!  Aren't they a sight in pink!  

Peanut giving a heart warming smile!  What a stinking cutie!
Can't you just see the cabin fever oozing out of their little snow suits?

The Dude.  Be still my heart. 

When I see this picture I can almost hear The Crew yelling "CHEESE" especially Peanut!  HP would not stop eating ice.  She actually asked me if she could bring this giant hunk inside and eat it for lunch.  It would be a nice change of pace from chicken nuggets...;)

Not sure why this picture is crooked (it isn't in my iphoto) but it was too precious not to put in this post.  So tilt your head to the left and check out one of the cutest kids I know (I am a bit biased).

I told you Sissy didn't like the snow as much as the rest.  :)

Shmook...for my peeps over the pond.  He is really starting to get a little personality!  He is flirting with all of the girls and giving ga-ga eyes to Ms. Francis!  It is a hoot to watch!

The Three Amigos!  

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Due to the colder weather we have been experiencing, The Crew has been doing more indoor activities.  The other day, we decided to bust out the finger paints.  At first Peanut, HP and The Dude were hesitant to get dirty.  Once I assured them that they could wipe their hands on their paint shirts, they really started to have fun.

This is the point where Peanut and HP gave up on painting on the paper and decided the table provided a better canvas.

Three messy kids = three HAPPY kids!
I don't think she is praying, but HP sure does look like a little angel (although we all know better!)

Peanut working her magic on the paper.  Although they all started out with vibrant colors on their paper, in the end all we had was a mucky, brown color.  This picture was taken early in the process.

I love this picture because Peanut was SO hesitant to get dirty.  As soon as I took this shot she looked at me and said "Miss. Rikki, can I be done?".  Obviously, she was encouraged to play more! 

Monday, January 12, 2009


The kids, Starchy and I took advantage of the recent snow and went sledding this weekend!  The weather was cold enough as to not melt the snow, but mild enough that HP (who is a cold weather wuss) could still enjoy it.

Here is the view from the top of the hill.  As you can see it was quite overcast, but not a bad view of the river I'd say.

This was HP's preferred method of getting down the hill.  Starchy was at her beck and call the entire day!  

HP pouting because Starchy decided to ride with The Dude.  She's quite the Daddy's girl.

Feeling better, HP decided to "let" Starchy carry her up the hill.  There were at least 70 stairs!  

Here is one of The Dude's many wipe outs!  The kid was all over the hill.  He would get to the bottom and literally get up and run back to the top.  It was a sight to see.
The Dude riding what I affectionately call "the bucket o' death".  There was absolutely no steering on this toboggan and more often than not you ran into the bushes (at least I know I did).  Thankfully The Dude had more luck and agility and was able to fly down the hill unscathed.
Mr. Stink.
After he biffed it and got a face full of snow!  
The one time HP tried to get herself up the hill.  You can see she didn't have much success...
There are no words...

Monday, January 5, 2009