Sunday, July 6, 2008

Starchy vs. The Camera

This past Thursday, Starchy and I had a night out.  

We went to the horse tracks with Starchy's parents, siblings and their significant others.  The evening was wonderful.  We all did a little betting, we admired the horses, we at some food, drank some drinks, you know, the usual.   And because we knew some people, who knew some people (wink, wink), we got to ride in the pace car on the track (talk about a trip, I was so close I could see up the horses nostrils).  

I had my handy-dandy camera with me and got a few good shots in.  Like this one, of me, with my winning ticket (I think I came out $1.50 ahead on this one, whoo-hoo!).

And this one here.  Meggie doing her best "sexy face" imitation (not a bad job if I don't say so myself!)

And Brina, chewing his food, keeping to himself when I holler his name and snap his picture right there at the table.  I know, where are my manners?

And then we have Starchy and his two siblings.  For the entire night they tortured me.  Not one of them would pose nicely for the camera so that I could have photo's from our night at the races.  No.  Instead I got these.  The three biggest corks on the planet.  See for yourself...

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grandma D said...

Great Pictures Rikki.... I love the picture of "You" the best but I guess I'm BIASED!
You have a great life going...I am so happy for you!