Monday, July 21, 2008


It is rainy and stormy here today.  The crew and I have been hanging out inside watching movies (The Fox and Hound 2) and just causing a ruckus.  Everyone has been in good spirits (the popcorn mid-morning probably had something to do with it).

We have just finished our lunch and like every other day, nap follows.  All of the kids are on their cots with their respective blankies, butchies and loveys.  

As a newbie blogger I have found that I am looking at conversations between the kids and I, with a different perspective.  If one of the kids says something particularly funny or offbeat, I try to remember it so share with everyone when I have a chance to post.  

This conversation took place mere moments ago...

The Dude (after getting up off his cot and coming over to me)- "Mama, I have a big problem".

Me- "What's going on Dude?"

The Dude- "Its my eyes.  They I can't go to sleep".

Me- "Maybe your eyes hurt because you are tired.  I bet if you got on your cot and closed your eyes they would start to feel better".

The Dude- "No.  I already tried that.  When I close my eyes they press out (he pushes on his eyelids for dramatic effect) and I am scared if I push them too hard, they will come out the other side".

Me- "Huh?"

The Dude- (getting irritated at my apparent eyeball ignorance) "You know!  If your eyes push out they could come out the other side!".

Me- "Get back on your cot little man".

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Chatty & Brina said...

Duh Rikki! Didn't you know that would happen? I've had to have two surgeries just because of my eyes going out the other side. BTW, if you get this tonight, you have to call us so that we can tell you what we got for the kid's weekend up here in chi-town.'s also for our baby, Addie, but...