Monday, July 21, 2008

Sissy likes Berries & Cream

In the two months that I have been blogging, I've found a new blog-obsession.  Her name is The Pioneer Woman and she is fabulous (I have a total mom-crush!)!  She posts all about cooking, gardening, photography and all about her life on a cattle ranch.  I highly advise you to check out the site, just don't blame me if you can't stop yourself.

One of her recipes (which are posted with pictures for the visual learner in all of us) was for this rich looking cream.  It is basically unflavored yogurt, whipping cream and brown sugar.  

Let me just say, it is TO DIE FOR!

No joke.  It is smooth, creamy and the perfect accompaniment to fresh fruit.

Because I love The Crew, I made it for them this morning.  

Let me just say, it went over like a fart in church.  

All of the kids, with the exception of Sissy, turned their little noses in the air and wanted NOTHING to do with it.  

Miss. Thang commented "this isn't yogurt...yogurt comes from the store".    

HP was worse.  She looked at it, sniffed it and then pushed it away declaring "I can't love this".

So, because I was dissed by all of the other "food critics", I decided to capture Sissy's obvious bliss while eating my concoction.

Thank goodness one of them (actually make that two of them, I am 100% sure Peanut would have devoured it had she been there) has a sophisticated palate.


jen said...

anything with yogurt would be a hit for Peanut! In fact when I started reading, I thought, I bet Peanut would have liked that!! See ya thursday!

The Mrs. said...

Isn't her blog the BEST?!?!? I found it two Christmases ago and I'm only slightly ashamed to admit that I spent the majority of the holiday reading my way through her archives. My (then) baby was sick so while she napped and the hubs and our oldest daughter went to the family Christmas party I laughed my arse off at all her funny posts. She's my fave too, and I love her cooking tutorials.

Try the Marlboro Man Sandwich and Garlic Mashed Potatoes - two of our new favorites around here. The chocolate cake is amazing too, and Jen approved of her Chile Con Carne Revved Up when I brought it to our staff Christmas party last year. I HEART the Pioneer Woman!

Ferris Family said...

Thanks alot, just what I need another obsession! That cream sounds TO DIE FOR! Looks like I'll be making it here tomorrow after a quick trip to the grocery store.