Thursday, June 12, 2008

Top of The Morning To Ya!

We were lucky to wake up to a gorgeous morning here at Homebase.  The sun was shining and the temperature was already in the 80's by 9:30 AM.  Since it was just the Drooler and the three older girls (Sissy is out sick and The Dude was at Karate) we decided that playing in the sprinkler would be a good way to spend the morning.  Since my last post was a little word-heavy I thought I would let the pictures do the talking today.


The Drooler- He loved watching the girls run through the sprinkler.  Isn't he getting to be such a handsome little fella!

Peanut-  All of the girls jumped on the flower picking bandwagon (with Peanut leading the charge of course) and had to have their pictures taken with a flower in their hair!

Miss. Thang-  The girl is a TOTAL ham when the camera comes out!

HP- I'm surprised she slowed down enough to let me snap this quick picture of her!

The Drooler-  He is TOTALLY flirting with me in this picture.  He's gonna break some hearts!

The Crew & Sponge Bob (they really liked grabbing the tentacles and trying to spray each other)

The Crew- The girls spent half of the time playing in the sprinkler and the other half drinking out of the sprinkler!

The Crew-  These girls really do love each other!  Talk about a bunch of cuties, photo's really do speak a thousand words.

Miss. Thang-  She was definitely the daredevil of the bunch!

Peanut- Doing what she does best...picking flowers!


Mrs4444 said...

You can learn a lot about a kid from the way she approaches a sprinkler! I've got some favorite pics of mine in the sprinkler, too. Thanks for reminding me! Oh, and that little drooler is ADORABLE. Too, too cute!!

Rozema Family said...

Great pictures! I'm so glad you are doing this! I'm also proud of you too! I wish I could hire you to teach L to swim!

jen said...

Thanks for sharing the pics of our Peanut and the rest of the crew! It's nice to get to see what she does during the day. What a fun day!!