Monday, June 23, 2008

How we keep cool at Homebase...

The mercury is rising and with it, the kids and I are coming up with additional ways to keep cool.  Today we filled the blowup pool and the kids created their own fun.  When Starchy came home I did a double take (no, not because his jeans were ironed and triple-starched, I'm used to that) because the day literally flied by!  You know what they say...time flies when you're havin' fun!

Miss. Thang and The Dude thought it was SO much fun to make waves (by pushing on the side of the pool) and run through it.  Here is Miss. Thang taking her turn.

Sissy, "helping" to make waves.

The Dude hamming it up for the camera!  Such a cheeseball.

Don't you just love The Drooler's hat?  What a fashion plate.  And those cheeks, I could just eat them up!

Sissy, squatting behind the pool.  Anyone guess what she was doing?  :)

Miss. Thang, drama queen! 

Look at those baby blues.  This girl is so dang cute.  And she cannot help herself, if she does see the camera, she strikes a pose!

Sissy was cracking herself up!  She was hooting and clapping...its so much fun to catch the kids in candid moments!

Miss. Thang was so cold after swimming all morning.  I finally MADE her sit with a towel for a minute and was greeted with this expression...never get between her and the pool!

The Dude was getting tired and started to stare off into the clouds as I snapped this picture.

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