Wednesday, June 18, 2008

HP's Birthday Part II

HP's birthday was a blast!

We had a small party with friends (who had little kids) in the morning, and in the afternoon had family over.  We got to talk with Gramma D and Grandpa Spencer on ichat so that they could sing HP "Happy Birthday" and be included in the festivities!  

Like I said in my previous posts, HP was spoiled rotten.  As you can see from the pictures, she was the belle of the ball.  

I was pretty proud of the way she handled herself on her big day.  Starchy and I had been prepping her for weeks that when she turned three she had to give up her "binky".  HP had so much fun and was totally exhausted when it came time for her nap.  Typically she would fall asleep with her Butchie (silky blanket) and her binky, so when it came time to go to sleep without the bink, I assumed all hell would break loose.  I was wrong.  This is not to say there wasn't a few protests and more than a few tears, but after praising what a "big girl" she was, HP fell into a binky-less sleep.  

Once she woke up (4 hours later!) it was time for phase two of the party.  She first got her awesome cowboy boots from Gramma D and Grandpa Spencer (which she proudly wore as the night went on, bragging to everyone that her "boots lit up").  She then spent the rest of the night getting spoiled by friends, family and even our neighbor Dave.

Here is HP with her shiny new bike from Aunt Nina and Uncle Brina!

Can you guess what she is telling me in this picture!  Ha!  What an evil mom I am!

The Dude's nose was a little out of joint, but he did have a little shining moment when he got to show off his mad biking skills!

HP and the water slide!

What a Corky Romano!  She got these "swim glasses" from Gramma D and Grandpa Spencer in a care package the week before.  HP doesn't care that they are upside down, she just wanted to wear them in the pool (versus the bathtub).

HP and The Dude sharing some cake.  I should note at this point that my princess cake was a complete failure.  To quote Starchy (the smart ass) it looked like a pink version of Abraham Lincoln's hat.

The top hat cake.

HP and her friend LT (short for Little Tom, not his real name).  They were born 6 days apart and have been buddies ever since!

HP on her new ride (a gift from Yamma and Papa).

The Dude flying down the water slide!

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