Friday, June 27, 2008

Drooler in Black & White

I have been having fun learning about, and toying with my camera lately.  I am very new to photography, but am noticing a drastic improvement in the quality of my photo's when I set the right lighting.  

Since The Drooler woke up an hour ahead of the rest of the crew yesterday, we did an impromptu photo shoot.  Its easy to take good shots when you have such a willing model!

Enjoy, (especially my cronies in the UK)!


Frances said...

He is simply the cutest little guy EVER! I'm quite proud of your skills. Try using forced flash outside, even in complete sunlight. Or in the shade. You can get some neat shots. Experiment with your macro option too! This is very exciting!

Mrs4444 said...

WOW.WOW.WOW. You're a natural. Beautiful job with a beautiful subject!

uktogs said...

Wow! What can I say...fantastic photos of my beautiful Grandson. Great shots Rikki, I have downloaded them to my ipod and proudly show them off at every oportunity...proud Grandparent syndrome - I am sure it is a recognisable illness, and one I am happy to be afflicted with.