Thursday, June 19, 2008

Day o' Fun!

The Crew and I had a fantastic day today!  Starchy was nice enough to bust out the water slide before work this morning, and we took full advantage!  Peanut and HP both went down (not exaggerating) at least 20 times (maybe that's why they are still napping 3 1/2 hours later?).  They had a hoot!  Sissy loved the pool portion of the water slide and charmed all of the neighborhood kids with her cuteness.  And The Drooler, well he was VERY happy to sit and watch his friends.  Whenever one of the girls would go down the slide he would flail his arms all about as if to say "do it again!".  Good times!

His Royal Cuteness!

Peanut splashing around in the pool, looks like those swim lessons are paying off.! :)

More of her mad swimming skills! 

They little turkey's were trying to get rid of me and the camera.  Don't they know my camera is waterproof!?  *evil laugh*  Muuhaaw!

HP striking a pose!
Look at 'em go!  This was their first try up the wall.  No problem for these two!

HP going down the slide all while trying to avoid getting wet.  It didn't work out the way she planned!

Peanut after one of her many trips down the slide!

Is this not one of the cutest pictures you have ever seen?  This puppy is definitely frame worthy!

Sissy cannot help herself.  She finds the busiest spot on the entire water slide and sets up camp there.  Never one to miss out on the action!


jen said...

Awesome. What a fun time and I LOVED all of the pictures!!

zztopdog said...

I love the pix too! And so I "borrowed" three of them for the zztopdog blog!
Thanks much!