Friday, June 27, 2008

The Dude does Dress-Up

We have a pretty wide range of dress-up clothes here at Homebase.  It is one of The Crew's favorite things to do each day.  The girls tend to play it safe and stick to the princess attire.  The Dude on the other hand, has come up with some pretty wild combinations.

Outfit #1- Marilyn Munroe wig, Jack Sparrow headband, Lion costume, Spider-Man glove and a guitar.  As you can tell by his pose, he thinks he's all that and a bag of marbles!

Outfit #2- Gladiator helmet, traffic headphones (on his neck), Mardi Gras beads, Spider-man knee pads and Hot Wheels slippers!  

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Mrs4444 said...

What a little cutie!! Love these photos. I have one of my own planned for Wordless Wednesday; you're going to love it!

It's great to be home. Thanks for the welcome :)