Monday, June 9, 2008

The Best Weekend Ever!

Wow, did we ever have a great weekend here at homebase!  

We started out Friday night by going over to The Drooler's house for dinner.  It was great!   Even though HP and The Dude ran around like chickens with their heads cut off and only stopped long enough to eat or ask Drooler's Mom or Dad a question (Why do you have so many Star Wars Toys? Can I have some more water (HP really liked the water feature on their fridge)?) fun was had by all.  We managed to eat a wonderful dinner and play outside a bit.  Finally after popping in a video, The Dude fell asleep.  We were able to have a good visit and I am sure it will not be our last.

Saturday morning was spent with my good friend Frankie (sort of her real name).   We went garage sale bargain hunting!  There were some nasty garage sales, with velvet paintings and dirty clothes (Frankie had to put on her big sunglasses and go incognito, nappy garage sales give her the heebies) and there were some good ones, clean toys and brand name clothes (Frankie went in without her sunglasses and actually made some damn good purchases, such a brave girl).  It was a great outing (especially the yummy coffee shop blended milkshake thing...which actually made my tummy feel funny, but that's a story for another time) and made me appreciate the importance of  having girlfriends to spend time with.

It was one of those weekends where it rains one minute, and the next thing you know, the sun is shining.  I lost a bet with Starchy earlier in the week and ended up having to mow our lawn.  From the street, it doesn't look that big or intimidating, but hoofing the mower in and out of trees and getting around all of the bushes and plants...lets just say I can see why people buy riding mowers.  I also now know why people mow with shoes on (no, no...I didn't hurt myself, don't panic).  It was so sunny and warm when I was mowing the lawn that I decided to kick off my flip-flops and mow in my bare feet.  HP was busy watering the plants and I didn't really notice that she had also gotten a section of the grass all wet.  Needless to say, my feet are now looking like Shrek feet.  They are stained green!  I would have a picture for you but my camera is charging (I know, so disappointing that you can't see my nappy feet on the Internet).  

Once I was done with the lawn, The Dude and I decided we would practice riding his bike sans training wheels (I should mention that Starchy was inside the house tiling our front entryway with HP as his "helper" which is why HE wasn't there to help).  Our neighbor Dave was outside (he is always outside, hence the reason his lawn looks like a golf green) and decided he couldn't just stand there and watch, he was going to help (I think that Dave is missing having little kids around, his kids are in middle and high school, we are happy to share ours with him!).  So I stood on one end of the street and Dave stood on the other and The Dude would get a good push and whoever he was riding towards would yell out "Keep your head up! Keep pedaling!  Look at me!  Ride towards me!  Good Job!  Atta' Boy!" and other words of encouragement.  And wouldn't you know it, The Dude started riding!  All by himself.  Like a big boy.  He was so proud of himself.  It was great to watch.

We hung out on Saturday night and watched a Man vs. Wild marathon on TV and ordered pizza.  We were all pooped and it was nice to just snuggle together (and hope that we got to see glimpses of Bear Grylss' bare butt...okay maybe that was just me).

Sunday was more tiling for Starchy.  The poor guy.  He has started summer school this past week (teaching it, I reread that and it sounded like he was attending it) and with it, he has decided to work out after class each day.  Starchy is in good shape.  He has always been able to run and likes to stay active.  But bless his heart, Starchy decided to start lifting weights this week (for the first time in 10 years).  Needless to say, Starchy can barely lift his arms.  Combine that with two days of tiling...Starchy is walking like Quasimodo.  If I didn't love him so much I might just have to point and laugh...but I have a heart (and he may threaten to have me mow the lawn again).

To cap off our rockin' weekend, The Dude, HP, Starchy and I went to see Kung Fu Panda last night.  Both of the kids were SO excited.  The Dude, to actually see the movie (just like his Dad), HP to have the popcorn and treats (just like her Mom).  HP did pretty good.  She kept asking questions throughout the movie and was thoroughly annoyed (as we all were) when a baby was wailing two rows behind us ("Why is that baby crying so loud Mommmy?").  The Dude was mesmerized.  He barely blinked the entire time.  It was an AWESOME movie.  Really, really entertaining.  It wasn't boring (like Bee Movie) and it had lots of hidden adult humor (like Shrek).  If you have kids or are just a kid at heart (here's looking at you mom) you should go see this movie.

My house is now a mess, my kids are exhausted, my husband can't stand upright, and I am utterly content.  I spent a rockin' weekend with my family and wouldn't have it any other way!


grandma D said...

I love reading your blog... Thank-you for sharing your life with us!

ps.Happy 1/2 Birthday (only 6 more months to the BIG 3....0 :)

Swanny said...

Bear rules, man! Admittedly, I get a little creeped out when he chows down on yak's eyeball, and Jen calls him a crazy motherf@cker, but Man vs. Wild is my latest addiction. Glad you guys had such a great weekend.

ps- my sympathies to Starchy. I just dragged my sorry ass back to the gym, so I can understand the sad state he finds himself in.

Frances said...

Creamy Chai first thing in the morning is NOT a good thing...I later found well.

jen said...

I immediately thought of Frances when you mentioned Frankie's sunglasses. :) Glad you had so much fun--we were thinking about taking Peanut--and I guess by default Swanny Jr to see Kung Fu Panda...we may just have to do that!
As for lawn mowing--I don't do it. I would have to be very delerious to be tricked into a bet where I would have to mow the lawn upon loosing. With regards to shoveling snow and mowing the lawn, I say, that's why I have a husband.

LiteralDan said...

Did you get me a velvet painting or any dirty clothes??

Glad you liked Kung Fu Panda-- we plan to go see it in a couple weeks.