Thursday, October 2, 2008

Crew Cuts Vol. 3

Another bunch of posts from the most random daycare this side of the Mississippi.

Boo's pickin's!

The girls on Big Rock.

Bing-Bing "reading" a little Eric Carle.  We are working on getting him to hold his books right-side up! ;)

Bubbles with Ms. Francis.  The babies LOVED it!

Sissy's baby blues.

The Dude and Ms. Frances son, Gum's Mahoney!  Aren't they adorable?

Peanut.  She was all up in a huff because she lost her flowers.  Poor thing.  Thank goodness she found them in her pocket two minutes later!

The cuteness factor was through the roof today!

Miss. Thang.  Taking the word "cheese" to a whole new level.

HP and Boo playing with their shadows on Big Rock.

Shmook in a pretty hat!  

Swanny Jr.  This is what he looks like every time he wakes up from his nap.  The kid is a perpetual morning person! :)

HP the Bag Lady.

Peanut and Swanny Jr.  Their love for each other is evident every day!
 Boo in a moment of reflection.  She insisted on wearing the bow to Big Rock.  Such a fashion plate!


zztopdog said...

You've totally caught the essence of Peanut and Swanny Jr! Great photos! ;)

jen said...

Seriously those kids are all so stinkin' cute! Love the shot of Ms Frances's little man with the Dude!