Saturday, October 4, 2008

Scarecrow Festival

HP, The Dude, Yamma and I took in the Ottawa Scarecrow Festival this morning.  It was a perfect day to be outside.  The kids were both VERY excited!  

We saw some of our friends from daycare (Peanut, Swanny Jr, Ms. Frances, Gum's Mahoney) and you'd have thought the kids hadn't seen each other in years (rather less than 24 hours).  

As grown-ups, although we may be happy and excited to see our friends, we never show it the way children do.  There is something so cute about watching your kids squeal with delight when they recognize a familiar face.   HP, The Dude and Peanut were truly happy to see one another!

The festival was well attended and it seemed like the entire town was out to enjoy the nice weather.  

HP, getting her face painted.  She was dead-set on getting a butterfly and was pretty darn bossy towards the artist, demanding that it be pink.  She used her manners, but had to dig deep to find them!

The Dude and his blue balloon.  He was standing on top of a giant Lincoln hat when I took this picture.

Some of the vendors...

The Dude doing a bean bag toss.

HP trying her hand at bean bag tossing...

The Dude getting a white mouse painted on his cheek (I have no idea why he chose that).

The posers.

Yamma, feeding the kids some of their free candy.

HP loved the petting zoo.  She really likes animals (I wonder if she will still feel that way after she meets my parents hissing cats this Christmas...time will tell!)

The kids checking out the smelly animals...wait...did I say that out loud?

I love these kids.


jen said...

Glad you guys had fun!! We did too. You're totally right about the kids being genuinely happy to see each's priceless!

Mrs4444 said...

Me, too. They're adorable :)

LiteralDan said...

Who would argue with a cute little girl about the color of her face-painting? She was right to be bossy ;-)

And I bet the hissing cats will purr when they see her. Cats like to be difficult like that.