Saturday, October 25, 2008

Crew Cuts Vol. 6

We had a "glow-in-the-dark" day.  We painted our nails with glow nail polish, and after a good nap, we had a glow stick dance party.  It was like a G-rated rave in my basement.  The kids were in hog heaven.  Here is the picture I took with the flash on.

We have been talking all week about weather and the changing seasons.  We got the cold weather gear out and the kids loved playing dress up.  Sissy and Miss. Thang even went as far as to climb in the bin!

I had to help Shmook find an appropriate hat.  I think this Chicago Bears hat looks dashing on him, don't you? (Much better then the awful yellow and black Steelers colors). ;)

The kids, mid party! (without the flash!)

The Dude doing his best "homeless" impression.  Just kidding, he was just testing out the scarves and hats!

Swanny Jr. aka cutie pants!  Look at those rosy cheeks!  Love 'em!

AAGGHHH!  Miss. Thang practicing her best silly face.

The girls after we played beauty shop and they all had matching hairdo's.


LiteralDan said...

I think you should start a fad of G-rated raves. You could make a killing!

jen said...

Peanut shared her glow sticks w/Swanny Jr. last night when it was time for bed and declared it time for a dance party again...timing is everything isn't it?! :)