Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fashion 101

I had to take pictures of the girls' looks over the past few days.  

I don't have a fashionable bone in my body, but these three are really hitting it out of the park.  As Tim Gunn would say, they are able to "make it work!".

Here is Sissy.  She rocked the black boots all day long.  Combine that with the fur collar and the leopard print leggings, she is a little fashionista!

Boo was working the sweat pant and ballet flats combo.  I would look like a fool in this outfit, but Boo looked adorable.  How she can run around the backyard and not have her shoes fly off, I will never know.
HP and her red cowboy boots.  These were a gift from Gramma D and Grandpa Spencer.  They light up.  She wore them to an Ottawa high football game and was not walking, rather, strutting her stuff.  They have become her favorite fall shoe.  Red matches everything right? ;)


jen said...

Every girl needs a pair of red cowboy boots....HP is a fashionplate through and through!

Mrs4444 said...

Adorable!! Can I get them in a size 10?