Monday, September 29, 2008

Halloween in the Hood!

My neighbor Dave loves Halloween.  

Although we had moved in to our current house by October of last year, we were so busy that we missed the full effect of Dave's preparations.

This year, we are taking it all in.

The Dude is BESIDE himself.  He couldn't get the words out fast enough when he saw him start putting up the decorations.  

"Mom!  Look...look...over Dave's...HALLOWEEN!...we need to buy my Werewolf costume...NOW!"

HP was a bit more reserved.  She took one look at the decorations before declaring (with her little snobby nose in the air)

"I don't love it"

I am sure she will change her tune come Halloween.

Aren't we lucky to have such fun neighbors?

Edited to add:  In the 7th picture down, there is a rocking chair.  On Halloween night, Dave dresses up in a Reaper-like costume and sits perfectly still.  Right as the kids ring the bell and yell "trick or treat!" Dave springs to life and scares the pants off them (he only does this to older kids).  Living across the street gives me the best vantage point to watch Dave terrify the neighborhood kids.  It is AWESOME!


zztopdog said...

Awesome! What fun!

Raike said...
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