Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Boyz in the Hood

Here at Homebase things tend to get a little girlie from time-to-time.  We are constantly playing beauty shop, playing "school" and "family" and dressing up like princesses.  

The girls both outnumber and overpower the boys.

But the little men stick together.  And over the past few months, their numbers are looking a bit more promising.  

Now I am not saying that the pink and frills are going to become obsolete.  

But maybe there will be a little influx of G.I. Joe and dump trucks (mixed in for good measure).

The boys sure are fun to have around...


jen said...

Schmookie looks like such a big dude!! I just love the way the boys stick together. The Dude is never far from Swanny Jr's side. I guess the male-bonding thing starts early!!

zztopdog said...

Darling pix! You have a real eye for good shots!