Monday, October 27, 2008

About that time-stopping machine...

This morning when I was greeting the kids as they got here, I was startled to see a new little boy in my midst (especially so, since I didn't know of any new kids coming to daycare).

After further inspection (that, and I recognized his mommy) I realized the little boy before me was Shmook.  

He is officially NOT a baby anymore.

Little man started daycare as The Drooler.  Although his personality is much the same (VERY observant, the kid doesn't miss a beat), he is no longer the little helpless baby he was 6 months ago.

He is now, the Shmook (or Shmookey, or Shmookester, depending on what child is taking to him).  Shmook can walk.  Shmook has teeth.  Shmook eats table foods.  And this little man, has his drooling situation all under control.  Such a cute little whipper-snapper.


jen said...

WOW. What a comparrison. I think he's passed the "drooling" title (along with the burp cloths) to Swanny Jr!!

LiteralDan said...

Cute in both pictures, but definitely very Grown Up in the later one.

Isn't it crazy how you can blink your eyes and realize a kid has grown up right in front of you somehow?