Friday, October 10, 2008

Crew Cuts Vol. 4

To get you all through the weekend!

Swanny Jr. the world's happiest baby.
HP...she has apparently inherited one of my brothers habits.
The gang.
Peanut at big rock.
The Dude is getting quite good at climbing trees.  Little monkey!
I thought this picture was very "Little Rascals" (appropriate at times!) ;).
These two came right up to me wile playing "What Time Is It Mrs. Fox?" (I ate them for lunch).
Bing-Bing has mastered the swing set outside!
Schmook is wondering what the heck the leaves are doing all over the yard.
The saddest picture ever.  She wanted what another child had.  The great thing about Peanut is that she is quick to get over things.  She was laughing less than a minute later.


jen said...

If only you had audio to go with that last picture; we all know what that would sound like!!

Mrs4444 said...

Great pics; especially the black and whites!