Saturday, May 31, 2008

Spaghetti Bath!

Starchy is attending a graduation out of town tonight.  

What that means for the kids and I is that we have free reign to be messy (keep in mind, Starchy got his blog-name because he is SO anal about his clothes).  We like to do silly things when he is gone so that we don't have to worry about him hovering over us, or pestering us to clean up.

I decided I was going to cook a VERY messy spaghetti dinner tonight.  After talking to Gramma D on the phone, we decided that the kids would enjoy the spaghetti more if they ate it with their hands (like caveman).  Knowing that spaghetti in eaten in the kitchen without utensils = disaster area, I decided to be proactive and have the kids eat in the bathtub!  Smart eh?

To say that The Dude embraced the idea would be an understatement.  He RELISHED in spaghetti bath.  He made himself spaghetti hair, put sauce on his head and "washed" himself with spaghetti soap.  Not his sister, HP was a bit more cautious.  She didn't really like the thought of getting messy and complained a few times that there was "noodles in the water".  

All in all good fun (and easy clean up after).  We highly recommend spaghetti bath (as long as YOUR Starchy is out of town)!


Rozema Family said...

NO WAY! What a fun time! You are just awesome!

Ferris Family said...

Really, you are the COOLEST mom EVER!!!! You rock.