Tuesday, May 27, 2008

For My Homies in the UK!

The Drooler's mum (see how I did that, I wrote it British like) is from England.  She is totally cool and does a wonderful job raising her little man (along with dad!).  She told me that her mum (see...British again) who lives in the UK was checking out the blog from time to time.  

So, for Drooler's grandma, and the rest of his family abroad, here are some pictures from his time spent here at Homebase...


uktogs said...

What a lovely surprise to check out your blog today and find our beautiful Grandbaby 'Drooler' smiling back at us. Thanks for thinking of us on this side of the pond. Looking forward to stopping by to say hello when we come over in 15 weeks and 4 days.....but who's counting.
Now if I can only work out how to set up my own blogger account you might even get this comment. Fingers crossed!

grandma D said...

his baby spit seems so clean... really not gross at all! Are you sure that you didn't doctor the picture and pour water from his mouth instead ?????