Monday, May 26, 2008

30 second camping...

Starchy was a studmuffin dad this weekend (like he is most weekends)!  

Not only did he take The Dude fishing, but he also had the gumption to get out our rickety 15 year-old tent.  He spent most of the day fixing tent poles and dusting out cobwebs and when it was finally erected in our backyard, he had two VERY excited kids.  

Both HP and The Dude had decided that they were going to sleep in the tent with Starchy (I was quite happy to 'volunteer' to sleep in the house should anyone want to come in during the night).  Both kids tried on multiple pairs of pj's and ransacked though the winter hats to find the right camping attire.  

We decided to wait until the sun went down to get the kids in their tent bed (this was a good hour past their normal bedtime).  The plan was for Starchy to get both of the kids snuggled in, and then I would come out and say goodnight (and snap a few pictures).  Both kids got tucked into their bed when I came out to give them their goodnight kiss.  This is how the rest of the conversation went down...

Me:  "Well, you guys look cozy and warm, have a good night in your tent with Daddy"

HP:  "Where YOU goin'?"

Me:  "I am going to sleep inside the house.  You guys stay here and have fun in the tent and I will see you in the morning."

HP:  "I wanna go wif you."

The Dude:  "Me too."

Camping lasted less than 30 seconds.  The Dude said he didn't like the truck noises.  HP said that she wanted to snuggle-snuggle inside the house.  I guess we will try again another time!

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grandma D said...

That was sooooo smart of you to offer to take care of the house! Never know when someone might NEED to come back in .To Bad you live on that "LOUD" truck route...

I wonder if the Caterpillars sleep outside at night?