Friday, May 2, 2008

The Crew

I take care of children for a living.

This (I hope) will give me a whole bunch of good blogging material.  

I have obtained permission from their parents (to post picture of the little cutie's) so here is The Crew (in no particular order) and their blog moniker:



The Dude

Miss. Thang




Frances said...

Love the shirt The Dude is wearing. Keep it fabulous!

By the way, great idea blogging. Give Perez a run for his money- though it may not be as vulgar. Well, maybe it will *smirk.*

Rikki said...

Gotta keep it at least PG-13. My grandma might read this and she would have a cow if I posted boobs or weiners.

jen said...

Love the title of the blog. It sums up both motherhood and childcare perfectly. Looking forward to the antics of the family as well as what "the crew" gets up to!!

Swanny said...

I don't get it; will it be pictures of the boogers, kisses, or the spilled milk? Ah, just kidding.

Welcome to the blogoshere. By the way, that Peanut is a sharp-lookin' kid. The rest of the crew is great, but what can I say? I'm little biased.

By the way, you are now the proud owner of a link on "My Life with Dogs".

kittenpie said...

Ha! Looks like Miss Thang's nickname is just about perfect...