Friday, May 2, 2008

Needed: A Pair of Safety Scissors

The Dude gave HP a haircut this week.  

He snuck into the 'junk drawer' in the kitchen (probably trying to scavenge some gum) and found a pair of scissors.  

I had tuned the both of them out (I was making supper) and was oblivious of what was going on (in my defense, Starchy was home as well, so we both can take our names off the "Parent of The Year" lists).  

The next thing I know, The Dude comes running in the kitchen, holding the scissors, screaming "I didn't do it, I didn't do it!".  Two steps behind him was HP.  She was in full-on freak out mode.  You know, the scream where no sound is coming out.  That kind of spaz.

Starchy and I knew that The Dude was guilty so (channeling my best imitation of MY mother, Gramma D) I gave him one chance to tell the truth.  Surprising the socks off of both Starchy and I, The Dude fessed up immediately (hence, avoiding major punishment and instead getting praised for telling the truth...could he be smarter than we think?).  

We don't know what possessed him to chop off chunks of his sister's white/blond hair.  We can only be grateful no one was hurt...and that it wasn't her bangs.

Never a dull moment.


jen said...

At least when the Dude came running in saying "I didn't do it" with the scissors, the crime was nothing more serious than lobing off HP's hair. Any childhood is more complete with a sibling or self induced hair cut!!

grandma D said...

You have picked the PERFECT name for "MY"
son-in-law. Starchy (hahahahahaha) fits him perfectly... as a matter of fact as of today, I don't think I will ever call him anything else!

Mrs4444 said...

I hope he's yours....

Mrs4444 said...

Back again...We used to live in Podunk, Illinois, too! (Hoopeston) Ever heard of it?

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