Monday, May 26, 2008


Starchy, The Dude and Brina (Ryan's sister's fiancee) went fishing this past weekend.  

They went to a local fishing hole and were able to have pretty good success.  

The Dude was SO excited he rose WELL before the sun came up.  He was stoked because he got to stop for donuts and chocolate milk (a proper fisherman's breakfast right?) and because he got to show off his new fishing gear!

When asked (after the trip) by our neighbor Dave if he had cooked up any fish sticks, The Dude informed Dave that the fish "were not the eatin' kind". 

Note:  Please ignore the tattoo on The Dude's NECK.  My dumbass brother-in-law thought that would be a funny thing to do on Friday night (while Starchy and I were busy cooking supper).  Dragon tattoo's DO  NOT come off easily.  I will get my revenge...

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