Monday, May 19, 2008

Batman and Princess

My parents live in Canada.  We try to talk on the phone every few days.  Recently, we purchased a new Apple computer.  My parents also have one, so we have been enjoying using the ichat feature to communicate.  The Dude and HP like it because they can 'see' Gramma D and Grandpa Spencer.  Both kids look forward to time spent talking to the grandparents "on the computer".

My mom and dad mail care packages for the kids all the time.  Usually, the kids rip open the packages as soon as they get delivered and then I relay their reactions to my parents over the phone.  

Now that we have the ability to SEE each other we decided to switch up our present opening so that my parents could take part.  My mom had a batman costume (for The Dude) and a princess costume (for HP) mailed to our house.  Unbeknown to the kids, I took the package and hid it in the room where the computer sits.  That night, when the kids were chatting with my parents, my mom and dad were able to surprise the kids by sending them on a cyber-hide-and-seek until they found the gifts.  Even better, they got to watch the chaos as both kids were naked and changed into their new costumes in 2.5 seconds.  The pictures showcase The Dude and HP strutting their stuff with their friend in the backyard (exactly 2 minutes after opening their gifts!  Thanks Mom and Dad!

Edited to say:  I have no idea what The Dude is doing in the last picture.  He is supposed to be making a 'funny face' but instead looks like he is constipated.  Maybe Batman had to go #2...

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Mrs4444 said...

Poor Batman! :( I LOVE that your parents are cool enough to know how to use that feature; very impressive. I can't even get the grandmas to get computers! (Luckily, they live nearby.)