Thursday, September 18, 2008

Crew Cuts Vol. 1

I always end up with a bunch of pictures from my days with the crew that are too small for a post all by themselves, but great for a post all lumped together!  So I will be posting Crew Cuts every once in a while, when I have random pictures that you all NEED to see.  :)

Here is Shmook showing off his walking skills.  He is 9 months old TODAY!  Quick, someone call MENSA, we have a baby genius on our hands! ;)

Boo's interpretation of a "silly face".

Here are Boo, HP and Peanut playing "kitty cat" in the backyard.  They were meowing the entire time.  These three LOVE pretend play.

Peanut, in a moment of reflection.

Bing-Bing's first go at the jumping machine.  Do you think he is having fun?

Shmook on the swing!  He just got two new teeth so the tongue-out expression is one of his faves!

Only little girls would attempt to run together holding hands!

HP's interpretation of a "funny face".

The Dude making Bing-Bing laugh at snack time.

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jen said...

I think Schmook is looking a lot like his mommy! And those 3 little girls pretending to be kitties...too funny. What cute pics, thanks for sharing!