Monday, September 8, 2008

Canoe Trip

Starchy got a wild idea that we should take the kids canoeing down the fox river this past Sunday.  Knowing that HP and The Dude would be a handful in a canoe, we invited Pappa and Yamma to come along for reinforcement.

It could not have been a more perfect morning.  The air was crisp and the river was calm.  We took our time floating down the river.  The kids enjoyed Oreo's and Pringles (a RARE treat around homebase).  The Dude tried his hand at paddling and didn't do half-bad.  HP was content to sit with anyone who's lap happened to be open.  

We saw a few herron, some cows (this is Illinois after all), a dead fish, and some naked trees (HP pointed to tree's without leaves and deemed them "naked").

Aside from the lackluster wildlife, the scenery was beautiful.  There are gorgeous cliffs lining the river and the greenery was very lush from the recent rains.

To cap off the end to a prefect boat trip, HP and The Dude both took 3 hour naps once we got 

The Dude chowing on some Oreo's.  Yes, that is dirt on his face.  He is 100% boy.

HP and I.  Don't mind the Sunday morning bed head, the river isn't known for taking good glamor shots! ;)

Starchy and his Mom.

The Dude digging for craw fish.  Thank GOD he didn't find one.  Yuck.

They were SO excited to go canoeing even though they really had no clue what it was.

Starchy and the kids.

HP had a death grip on the pringles.  She kept saying "I wuv these chips".

The view...


LiteralDan said...

We were just out in the Fox River Valley this weekend. It's a beautiful area. (Though we didn't see anything nearly as beautiful as those rocky riverbanks you shot here.)

zztopdog said...

Those riverbank pix are awesome! Sounds like a fun time!

The Mrs. said...

You two are brave. I would have been a panicky mess with my two in a canoe, but it sure looks like fun!

jen said...

Sunday was a beautiful day to be out on the river. I wish Swanny and I were more motivated to do some out-doorsey things with the kiddos...maybe some day. We'll give Swanny Jr. a chance to at least start walking, or even sitting. :)

Rikki said...

Literaldan- I agree, the Fox River Valley is a little hidden gem. You should come down and take the kids on a trip!

zzztopdog- Thanks, I have been working on my photo skills.

the mrs.- I think the reason we weren't panicky was that we had two boats tied together (which gave it some stability) and that the river was only 5 ft at its deepest.

jen- I don't know if Swanny Jr. would have enjoyed himself. ;) All in good time...:)