Saturday, September 13, 2008

I need a 25 hour day!

Aggghh!  How can it be that September is almost half-way through?  Where did summer go?  I know I am not alone here, but with fall activities starting I feel like I am getting about 75% of what I need accomplished.  Not good.

For starters, I have been neglecting the blog.  It weights heavy on my mind.  I don't want my family and friends across the country (and beyond) to think that I have forgotten them (I haven't).  

And believe me when I say, there has been a ton to blog about.  I just haven't found a spare minute to do it.  Maybe I need to clone myself...

Anyhoo, here is the update from the Midwest:

HP is doing great.  She is attending preschool two mornings a week.  Her favorite thing about going is her friend Peanut.  You'd think that the two girls would want to expand their social circle, but it is the exact opposite.  They are joined at the hip.  I guess at 3 yrs old, when you have a good friend, you want to hang on to them (which come to think of it, is not much different when you are 29).

On the home front, HP is having a VERY hard time staying in her bed at night.  We have tried a star reward system as bribery, we have tried the firm walk-you-back-to-your-bed approach, nothing is working.  The girl just wants to sleep with us.  Sidenote:  we have never done a family bed and both kids have always slept in their own room, so this isn't a habit she has had since birth.  Starchy and I are at our wits end.  There are only so many times that I can walk her back to her room at night before I say "screw it" and hop in bed with her.  Any advice would be appreciated.

The Dude is also loving preschool.  He is in a different class from HP and loves how many other boys are in his class (we all know The Crew girls way outnumber him).  He comes home singing songs and telling me about the learning games that he gets to play.  One thing he said yesterday was quite startling though.  I was tucking him in for the night when the following conversation took place:

Me:  "So did you have fun at preschool today?"

The Dude:  "Yeah, it was a lot of fun"

Me:  "Are you making some new friends?"

The Dude: "Yeah, there is a boy named Diego, and a boy named Carter..."



Me: "Yeah?"

The Dude: "There is a really pretty girl in my class"

Flustered me: " is her name?"

The Dude:  "I don't know, but she is really tall and is 5 (he said 5 like he was really impressed)"

Me:  "Why don't you introduce yourself next time?"

The Dude: (very confidently) "Yeah.  I think I will."

Wait one sweet cotton-pickin' second!  My baby isn't supposed to be interested in girls!  When the heck did that happen?

Thank goodness HP is preoccupied with her friend Peanut.  I don't think I could handle both of them growing up too fast.


LiteralDan said...

He reminds me a lot of me-- I had a lot of conversations like that with my mom at that age. With any luck (for you) he'll feel so abnormal in thinking girls are very not icky that his out-of-sync-ness with his peers will last until about age 18, and it will mean he just sits around pining away all the time without causing any trouble at all for you. Until he does, big time.

If you can just skip that last part, you'll be all set.

casey said...

Wow, an interest in girls already, that's scary (but cute)!

I can't believe how the year is flying by either. I've felt the blog pressure too, it's hard to balance family and life and still have time to write about it.

Just recently found your site (not sure where?!?) but I've been enjoying the reading and pics.

jen said...

Sorry I don't have any good advice about keeping a kiddo in bed...we've been fortunate on that front....Any chance of you staying in her room for a short period after you take her back?? Lack of sleep sucks for sure. I'm sure Swanny will be happy to hear that the Dude is finding another chica to be fond of!!