Friday, September 5, 2008

New Crew Member's- Bing-Bing & Boo

We had two wonderful additions to The Crew this week.  I have waited to post about it because I wanted to come up with blog names that were fitting to their little personalities.  

So, without further adieu, I bring you Bing-Bing and Boo!


Bing-Bing, is 15 months old.  I have never, ever, seen a kid put down a meal like this one does (I mean that as a compliment).  Its like the little fella has it in his head that he will never eat again.  

After watching him like a hawk the first few days, I tried to outsmart him today.  I took his little string cheese and cut it into tiny pieces (yesterday he shoved two-thirds of it in his mouth at once).  After setting the cheese bits in front of him with a smug "gotcha" look on my face, the little man attempted to shove every little piece in his mouth AT ONCE!  Such a stinker!  

Bing-Bing, it has been fun getting to know you (just not particularly at meal times)! :)

Boo, is 3 years old.  She has joined the princess gang of HP, Peanut and Miss. Thang.  The girl fits right in.  The four of them were in their royal garb this morning, chasing each other with their wands (some of which are actual wands, others are items like phones and swords), all while screeching "Booby Foo!" (a derivative of Bibbity-Bobbity-Boo) at the top of their lungs.  It is a sight to see.

Boo has done a really good job getting to know The Crew and looking out for her little brother Bing-Bing.


Mrs4444 said...

You're sure got a cute crew there, and by the looks of their smiles, you're taking good care of them. Isn't it nice having playmates to keep your own kids busy, too?!

LiteralDan said...

I wanna see Bing-Bing have a no-holds-barred eating showdown with my daughter M-.

We'd all have to step back and keep our fingers and toes out of the way, or they might get a bit eaten.