Thursday, August 28, 2008

White Wedding Part Deux

Since yesterday's post, I have been inundated (whoo, big word!) with emails from former teammates and other MU swimmer cronies requesting more pictures from the wedding last weekend.   That, plus I know my mom LOVES to snoop and check out all of the wedding hoopla, made me want to post additional pics.  

I apologize to my readers who are not Mizzou swimming alumni, this may be boring.  Be strong, it will pass... :)

Here is the wedding party in its entirety.  The bridesmaids had nice black dresses, that complimented a variety of figures (one girl was 4 months pregnant!).  

The cutie-patootie flower girl.  She did a bang up job!

Wine bottles from the rehearsal dinner.  Cute eh?  Notice the chocolates on the table in the background.  They also had Shane and Jenny's picture on it...a nice personal touch.

Starchmeister and I in the hotel before the madness...I mean...our friends arrived.

Mike C, Dirty Dane and Starchy.  Both of these guys came in a day before the rehearsal to spend time with us and the kids.  Dane helped me with the kids at daycare giving horsey rides and playing catch for (what probably seemed to him) hours on end.  We love these guys.

Starchy attempting to scare me into putting my camera away.  Obviously it was fruitless.

Andy and his wife Amy.  Amy is a sister of an MU swimmer (hi Ellen!) and was a blast to hang out with as we watched our husbands fulfill their groomsmen duties!

Brady and his girlfriend Rachel.  

Pardon the crappy picture, but they didn't allow flash photography in the church.  I just thought I would show the gigantic-ness (is that a word?) of the chapel itself.


Mrs4444 said...

Starchy is so cute; what a great smile :)

grandma D said...

Thanks for the pictures... and great stories
It really is this next best thing to being there!

Dirtee said...

Great pics on both posts Rikki. Thanks for putting them up. It's a nice way to remember a great weekend. Thanks again for having me. Until next time...