Monday, August 18, 2008

New Crew Member- Swanny Jr.

We have a lovely new addition to daycare, his name is Swanny Jr. (not his REAL name, although Swanny would be an interesting first name)!  He is the softest, cuddliest, sweetest little baby!  

Today is only his second day at daycare and he is adjusting nicely.  I think it must be hard to go from relative calmness (except for when big sis Peanut decides to crank up the volume) to the chaotic fun-fest that happens here on a daily basis.  

Swanny Jr. is taking in his surroundings and the older kids are lovin' on him!  

Peanut is the authority on all things Swanny Jr. and informs the kids to "give him some space" before I even have to.  She also tries to talk with him when he is crying, cooing "it's okay baby brother, don't cry".  It melts my heart.

Before he was born, Peanut had a couple of meltdowns at daycare over the prospect of being a big sister.  I am happy to say, not only has she overcome any reservations she may have had, she is absolutely reveling in her new role!

Welcome to daycare Swanny Jr.!


momto2boys said...

Cute new addition...and I love your Olympic post...very funny!!

jen said...

Thanks for takin' such good care of him and Peanut Rikki!! You're the best!!!

zztopdog said...

What a sweet post and great pix! Jen's right -- you're the best!