Friday, August 1, 2008

Carny Fun!

We took in the Riverfest Carnival last night and boy did we whoop it up!

Starchy, Do-it, HP, The Dude, Morehouse (a friend visiting from Montana), his wife Bergen, Dirty Dane and I acted like a bunch of hooligans.  We had A BLAST!  

HP and The Dude were on cloud nine.  I don't think they have ever been so spoiled with such undivided attention (from our awesome friends).  You know you have chosen your friends well when they care about your kids as much as they care about you (if not more).  

Here are the guys.  From L-R, Starchy, Do-it, Morehouse, Dirty Dane.

HP is a people watcher (like the three generations before her).  She was talking to everyone and anyone.  I think she would have happily stayed there all night.

 The Dude was checking out the "big boy" rides.  This was the first year that he really got to experience the upgrade from the kiddie rides.

His first big boy ride.  Dirty Dane was with him every step of the way (bless his heart).  Although The Dude didn't actually utter any words, its as if he is telling me "I'm okay mom, now put the damn camera away".  

The Dude started to get a little nervous so he latched on to Dirty Dane's hand.

 Up they go! (check out how relaxed The Dude's feet are, you will need a reference point for the post-drop comparison).

HOLY SHNIKIES!  My baby is WAY up there (I am pretty sure I was holding my breath at this point).

This is after the free fall.  Hanging on for dear life (notice how his toes are curled, friggin' hilarious!).

A more tame ride.  What carnival would be complete with out the gigantic slide? 

Those blankets give me the heebies. I don't even want to think about when the last time they saw a washer was...bleh.  Although, The Dude doesn't seem to mind.

This is HP's favorite ride.  She must have gone down at least 10 times (gotta love wristband night).

Wee-haw (I am not looking at the blanket...focusing on the tu-tu instead)!

HP and her new best friend.


LiteralDan said...

The wristbands were made for things like the slide. That looks like so much fun.

momto2boys said...

I like the slide the best. Your boy is a brave guy...not sure how my boy would've done, but he has ridden Indiana Jones at Disneyland so maybe he would have been okay.