Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Name Change- Shmook

The kids have decided that we must change the name of "The Drooler".  In all honesty, he is not so much a drooler anymore. He has morphed from a little helpless baby, to a feisty crawler that is leaving no toy unturned.  Just yesterday he popped out his first tooth, and he has us all in hysterics with his "what-the-heck-is-in-my-mouth" facial expressions.

I am not really sure how "Shmook" came about.  For some reason the kids and I have been affectionately calling him that for about a month now.  But the other day HP referred to Joanne as "Baby Shmook's Mom".  It was then that I realized a name change might be in order.  So, as far as my little blog is concerned, any and all posts involving the second littlest boy at daycare, will be referred to as Shmook.  

We love Shmook.

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