Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympic Fever

I decided I needed to post today to keep from falling asleep while the kids nap.  You see, I am suffering from a made-up condition I will call Olympic Fever.  

I cannot, not watch.  I have been staying up WAY past my bed time and each morning this week I wake up in a hazy fog (the main symptom of the fever).  

Even the sports like beach volleyball and rowing I have my eyes glued to the TV.  I typically wouldn't consider myself a fan of either sport, but I am now!   

Another symptom of the fever is the random questions I have popping in my head.  

I find myself having pondering things like:

"Why do the female volleyball players wear such tiny bikini bottoms?  Wouldn't it be more comfortable to wear the granny-panty kind?"


"Why does fencing look exactly like The Dude when he flails his light saber around the playroom?  Is there even any skill involved?"


"There is no way the little baby-faced Chinese gymnast is older than 10, but what does it matter...she can flip like a mo-fo"


"Now that Ryan Lochte is over the stomach flu, does he have a hope in stopping the Michael Phelps train?"


"Is Mary Carrillo really a woman (because lets be honest, all signs point to no)?"


"Was it just me or could anyone understand a word Bela Karoly was saying last night?  It sounded like he was gargling marbles"


"I wonder how tall Bob Costas is...he looks like a hobbit"

I have really, really enjoyed watching the Olympics.  Despite some minor controversy (who gives a flying crap if the fireworks were fake, it was still spectacular) I think China is doing a bang up job.  

HP, Miss Thang and The Dude have all enjoyed turning Homebase into a mini-gym.  They are practicing their head stands and flinging their arms around while screaming "TA-DA!" at the top of their lungs.  Even Sissy, who is 18 months old, tried her darnedest to do a somersault (which she did with a little assistance).

You see, they have Olympic fever as well.


Mrs4444 said...

This is a great post! I have Olympic fever, too--I was up so late last night that the Olympics started playing over AGAIN!

Frances said...

Late nap again today. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.

You made me watch the Olympics and now I feel like I have somewhat of a sporty side.


Twenty Four At Heart said...

I loved this post! I am also suffering from too little sleep thanks to the Olympics. Thank you for coming by Twenty Four At Heart and entering my contest. Your comment made me laugh out loud! Good luck in the contest!

one lucky ducky said...

I have asked myself most of these same questions! (especially the one about Mary...I mean, COME ON DUDE!) Everyone else is kind of over the novelty of the Olympics, but not I! I'm addicted...We should start a support group!

The Mrs. said...

I LOVE the Olympics and am proud to say I'm passing on the tradition to Shortcake and Punkin. And they're such good sports - they cheer for everyone (unlike their patriotic mother who only begrudgingly cheers for anyone other than Team USA).

Bela Karoly? He's my new favorite person. That guy cracks me up, although I have to listen VERY carefully when he's talking.

Here's the question running through my head: Does Michael Phelps' mom own a shirt that doesn't have some kind of crazy pattern? Homegirl's wardrobe is starting to make me cross-eyed!

jen said...

It was suggested at my house this weekend that Bella have a ticker or subtitles at all times when he is on camera. He is nearly as entertaining as the athletes that's for sure! Olymipic-induced-sleep-deprivation is running its course at the Swanny house too!!