Thursday, February 26, 2009

Crew Cuts Vol. 8

Here are some tidbits from the past few weeks...

HP and Peanut.  Although they prefer the princess gear, if none is available, they will gladly dress up as superhero's!

Dunky-Doo making one of his leave-me-alone-Ms-Rikki faces!  

Here is one of our new additions.  Her name is Teensy and I think she is just the sweetest thing!  She only comes a few days a week but is adjusting nicely.  

Yes.  This is what the playroom looks like in the middle of a normal day.  Luckily, the kids are as good at cleaning up as they are at making a mess. ;)

Sissy is almost big enough to fit in to the princess dresses.  Until then the tu-tu and some princess shoes will have to do.  She looks happy enough!

Peanut, Dunky-Doo and HP chowing down at our Valentines party.

The party in full swing.  Don't you just love our banner? :)

HP and The Dude at nap time.  They have been moving their cots side-by-side when they nap.  A couple of times I have caught them holding hands while they are sawing logs.  I think it is pretty cute that they obviously love each other so much. 

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