Monday, February 2, 2009 in a million.

Being HP's mom, I am sure that I have a skewed vision of what she is like.  That said, I think she is one of the most unique people I have ever met.  She is FULL of spunkiness, she definitely beats to her own drum and she is very independent for a three year old.  I took some random pictures of her this weekend that kind of showcase her personality.

Here is HP after just getting up from her nap.  She is ticked off at Starchy and I, and is hiding in our closet.  I know she doesn't mean it, but as I was snapping this picture she told me "Your the worst mom I ever have'd".  Too bad for her I am the only (and I ain't going anywhere)!  Little Sass Monkey!

Here is HP with Starchy.  She is wearing a swim suit in the middles of winter, her hair looks like a baby ostrich and she is giving her best "fish face" impression.  
I took this picture, looked at HP and thought to myself "that hat makes her look like a friggin' cone head".  Cute, but a cone head nonetheless.

Here is a rare shot of HP without her glasses.  Although her eyes have improved since her surgery last year, you can still see slight crossing when she doesn't wear her glasses.  We have been using the patch (on her eye, not the nicotine one!) once a day so hopefully we will continue to see improvement.  

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jen said...

For me, the HP uniqueness is the whole package: the spunk, the sass, the glasses, her ability to accesorize, her "eagerness" to help get babies in their carseats....Peanut just loves her (as we all do), as evidenced by the fact that when she's not at your house, Peanut is continually calling me HP's name! :)