Monday, March 2, 2009

It was laundry day.

I decided on the title of this post because I wanted to let everyone know we have not gone color blind.  Nor do we dress our kids so that they appear homeless.  It was just laundry day and we threw on whatever we had.  For example, I had my trusty "FA-LA-LA-LA-LA" pyjama pants, a red "Canada" sweatshirt and Starchy's dress shoes on while taking these photos.  Our neighbors are so lucky. ;)
Anyhoo, the kids went outside to blow off some steam on Saturday afternoon.  There wasn't much snow, but the kids managed to entertain themselves by breaking up ice and inspecting a dead bird.  

Good times.

Here is HP just as she came out of the house.  Starchy got her dressed and didn't put a winter jacket on her.  I sent her back inside. :)

The kids taking a close look at the dead bird.  Notice how well HP's boots are zipped up, thanks again Starchy.

The Dude tapping the dead bird with his boot.  He wanted to pick it up but I stopped him before he had the chance.  Why are little boys so fearless?  I wouldn't touch a dead bird if you paid me.  Eww.

HP striking a pose.  Again. 

I cannot believe I caught this on camera.  This is HP's pose when she is checking out the situation.  She does this all the time.  One for the books...

The Dude, bead head and all.  

The Dude showing me the chunks of ice he broke with his "ice breaking stick" (really just a broken broom handle)!

The Dude was such a sweetie.  He got dressed way faster than HP but made sure he "saved" her some ice to break.  He even went as far as to tell me where I could walk so that I didn't break any of the prime ice! :)

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grandma D said...

Sometimes the best fun is the fun that you make yourself!!
Oh! to be little again....