Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Snowy Big Rock

We got a little snow this weekend and since it was mild enough outside this morning, the bigger kids and I decided to venture to Big Rock.  It was Dunk's first time and all of the other kids acted like expert tour guides.  We had a blast making a snowman and having snowball fights!  Here are some pics from our winter fun...

OT- HP went to the eye doctor last Monday.  Her alignment is looking great unfortunately her vision in her right eye is getting worse.  We have to patch her left eye 6 hours a day for the next two months.  She is being a trooper about the whole thing.  I found these fun felt patches on the Internet and they are great.  She especially likes the "fairy" one!

The Dude.  I registered him for kindergarten yesterday. *sniff*  I am enjoying every day with him knowing he will be starting a new chapter of his little life soon.  It is SO bitter sweet.

Here is The Crew with the snowman that we built.  It was made entirely from stuff we found around big rock.  It took about 20 minutes to build.  Tomorrow I will post a video of the kids demolishing the snowman in 20 seconds.  It was pure carnage.

Dunk finally figured out how to climb up big rock only to catapult himself off a few seconds later!

All of the kids (including The Dude here) loved gobbling up the snow.  I made sure they ate only the nice white stuff! ;)

Peanut was cracking up as she chucked snowballs at the other kids sitting on the rock!  

Miss. Thang showing off her pine cones.  Her face is total rock-and-roll!

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