Tuesday, May 18, 2010

La Tooth

The Dude has had two obsessions over the past few weeks. One, is the camo bucket hat that he got at Easter (it was the base of his basket, upside down). He has been wearing it every day. Secondly, he has discovered the ability to gross me out by wiggling his tooth. It SERIOUSLY gives me the heebies (just ask Peanut).

After a few days of incessant wiggling, The Dude decided that the tooth was about ready to be pulled. Not wanting to lose my lunch, I told him to wait until Starchy was home so he could help. Never one to have much patience, The Dude took matters in to his own hands and asked his older, wiser (read: third-grade) friend Drew to pull it. Not 30 seconds later, there was a space where a tooth used to be.

The Dude before (this was a few days before, but with the trusty bucket hat on, you wouldn't know unless I told ya!)

After: on the phone with a VERY excite Starchy!
That night The Dude came home with the cutest "story" from free write time in kindergarten. They are encouraged to write with little emphasis on spelling, rather working on sounds. Here is the note word-for-word:

"By Witt
I Lost u toth and et got wglr and wegler and wegler ant IE it stopt and my fen Drew pod et owt"

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