Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

Chicago Weekend-o-fun!

Starchy, the kids and I spent a FANTASTIC weekend in the windy city. After taking a much needed day off on Thursday, we made our way north for a two-night stay. I tried my best to chronicle our time through pictures. I missed a few here and there, but did manage to get some good ones.

Let's get started...

We let the kids choose one item from the Children's Museum gift shop. After silently mouthing to Starchy that we "keep it cheap" I was able to stare HP towards this awesome light helmet thing. She LOVES it.

One of the exhibits at the museum was labeled "PLAY!" and that is exactly what The Dude did. I love that there is no "right" (or wrong) way to play at the museum. The staff encourages the kids to explore and play in any form. So much fun.

The kids were enamored with this water display. They stood and watched with mouths open for a good 5 minutes.
The Dude climbing on the Play! exhibit.

HP and I having a little snug time outside.

HP playing with the bubbles outside. It was a REALLY windy day, but they made the most of it.

The Dude playing with bubbles (check out the chachie wall fly in the background).

The kids got to play with this giant parachute. It was SO fun to see the smiles on their little faces. They sat on it, under it, popped balls on it, it was a hoot!

Playing with clay in the art section of the museum. Obviously he is trying very hard! :D

Diggin' for dinosaur bones. The moment he got on the "dirt" he started digging like a dog finding a bone. It was hilarious until he turned around and flung dirt on all of the parents that were standing by!

HP posing in the T-Rex skull!

Starchy and HP in the inventing section. The instructions said to try and conjure some sort of alarm clock, HP decided she would rather just stick them in the holes!

Ryan and HP in the butterfly garden. Cutest. Picture. Ever.

HP and Starchy with their faces superimposed on butterfly's! When they popped up on the screen I almost peed myself! Hilarious!

The Dude "catching" jewels. He thought this display was amazing (as did I).
HP and I giving it a whirl!

The Dude and starchy building a water tower. I wasn't sure who enjoyed it more. ;)

This next set of pictures highlights the stark contrast between HP and The Dude. The Dude basically ran through the obstacle course. Check out the little kid in the white shirt...The Dude passed him right by!

And then there was HP. She wasn't too sure about moving across the rope tunnel. And she sure as heck wasn't going to run over the bridge. Much more cautious.

After a LONG day, The Dude snuggled in to a mountain of pillows!

We went to "How To Train Your Dragon" at the IMAX on navy pier. It was a riot. After wards the kids surprised Starchy with their new dragon jammies. They sprinted out of the bathroom like a bunch of wild banshees!

HP and I after dinner.