Friday, May 29, 2009

Crew Cuts Vol. 9

Here are some recent shots from around Homebase!

Shmook needed some reflection time so he decided to sit himself under a tree and have a good look at the grass.  He sat like that for a good 10 minutes!  
Miss Thang and The Dude.  These two punks go off to kindergarten in less than 4 months...not that I am counting. :(

The Dude hanging (literally) out at big Rock.

Peanut sporting a cute grin in the backyard! 

Can you believe that this little man up and turned ONE?!  The nerve!  Doesn't he know that he is supposed to stay a baby?  Happy Birthday Swanny Jr.

I love this pic because Shmook looks so cute in his bucket hat!

The boys showing off their muscles!  

I LOVE this pic because the kids all sat down and were visiting without any prompting from Ms. Francis or myself.  Its like they all decided that they needed a few minutes to cool off and chill out (it didn't last long). :)

Miss. Thang.  The girl has never met a camera she didn't like.  She actually said to me "Ms. Rikki, I am waiting for you to take my picture please!".  Such a little diva!

Sissy reaching for the sky!  
 Lil' Rick doing his best "cheese" imitation.  THEE CUTEST THING!
The Dude and HP loving it up.  
Swanny Jr eating his 1st Birthday cookie!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Preschool Graduation

The Dude and Miss. Thang had their preschool graduation last week.  HP and Peanut were there as well performing a song with their class and getting a "Certificate of Achievement".  These pictures are a little grainy, but you get the gist of the ceremony.

The Dude is in the back row in the middle of the picture.  He is the only one looking at me.  Gotta love the graduation hats!

Mr. Man with his hair styled like Daddy.  At his parent/teacher conference his teacher told me he was very popular with the girls in class.  I can see why.  Such a cutie.
HP talking to Swanny Jr.  It is so cute to see the kids outside of the daycare setting.  It can be a few minutes or a few hours since they have last seen each other, but they are ALWAYS so happy to see their friends.

The Dude showing off his diploma! ;)

HP and Peanut.  I couldn't get them to stay still long enough to take a decent picture.  They were so excited!

The Dude strutting off after getting his diploma.

The Dude with Ms. Judy and Ms. Carol.  
HP getting her certificate from Ms. Hollie.
HP striking a pose when she was supposed to be sitting and listening to her teacher.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Why Kids Shouldn't Throw Toys...

HP got her first shiner this past week.  

It was an accident that happened at daycare, but the lesson was learned by all.  

The bottom picture was taken right after the incident happened, then the other's as the "boo-boo" got progressively worse.  

The girl has now mastered the art of getting Starchy to feel sorry for her.  Our teenage years are going to be interesting...