Monday, April 28, 2008

I'm a blogger!

For the past month or so, I have been lurking on other people's blogs and trying to get a feel for what to write.  I think it is pretty no-holds-barred so am going to try and wing it.  

We (Starchy, The Dude, HP and I) went on an 'adventure' this past weekend.  I call it an adventure, because anything that gets us on 1-80 and out of Po-dunk, is just that.  After packing butchie's, binky's and all the necessities for a zoo trip with the kids, we headed out.  First stop, Dunkin Donuts...

To say that The Dude was excited was a gross understatement.  

He was absolutely beside himself.  

We decided to go to the Chimp House first.  Our thinking was that we could get there before the crowds did (and hence all the good scooping spots).  The chimp house was GIGANTIC (not to mention the gorilla's that call the place home).  I would have liked to spend some quiet reflection time, marvelling over how we have evolved from these magnificent creatures...but The Dude had another plan.  Did you know you can run through an entire chimp enclosure in less than 10 seconds?
To give you an idea of how huge this place was (and hence, how FAST The Dude was going) here are the pics to prove it (I don't yet know how to center posts, so if they end up in the wrong spot...sue me) (I only got the picures because I was chasing The Dude at Mach-1 and snapping away wildly as I ran).

Thankfully, The Dude got tired (or rather, I did, and told him to slow his shit down) and we were able to have a really fun day.

In the beginning...

I have decided to create this blog to keep my friends and family abroad (does Canada count as abroad?) and the Parents of The Crew up on the constant chaos at Homebase (apparently in the blogger world, you have to have code names for common things, it is all the rage).  

You would think that running a business out of my home that involves a lot of Boogers, Kisses and Spilled Milk, I wouldn't have time to post.  You, my friend, have forgotten that kids nap.  This (I hope) will leave me plenty of time to post while avoiding any housework that Starchy (this is going to be husbands code word because the man could win an international award for most starch used whilst ironing daily) thinks I should be doing.  

I look forward to your comments and readership.

Peace out,