Thursday, April 2, 2009

They are GENIUSES!

HP and Peanut are the best of friends.  They truly love each other and get along wonderfully 99% of the time.  They have the uncanny ability to take something ordinary and kick it up a notch.  For some reason, they felt the need, not to paint with their hands, but rather, their mouths.

Watching the spontaneity of children is one of the best perks of my job!

Peanut was gently telling her brother, Swanny Jr, to get his little mitts off of her paints! ;)

Wherever Peanut is, you can guarantee that Swanny Jr. is not far behind.  Here he is giving me his "Power to the People!" fist.  I taught him that. :)

HP getting ready to "face paint"!

Best buddies (tools in mouth).

Peanut showing off her skills!  That girl can PAINT!


jen said...

Love the creativity those girls show! And I'm glad to see that Swanny Jr. has his "mitts" into everything that his sis (and the other kiddos) are into as well--he's the same at home!

zztopdog said...

Awesome photos and commentary, as always! You do a great job! And you can tell the kids have a wonderful time at your place! Kudos, sitter-, teacher-, photographer-extraordinaire!