Monday, April 20, 2009

Starchy takes the kids to Shedd Aquarium

Because I was gone this past Saturday (spa day whoot-whoot!) Starchy took it upon himself to take the kids to Chicago's Shedd Aquarium.  To say they (I include Starchy in this) were excited, was a gross understatement.  They were literally shaking at the prospect of going on an adventure to the big city.  

Now I am usually the one with the kids 24/7 so my nose was a little out of joint at the thought of missing out on such a fun day.  But being the consummate grown-up that I am, I put aside any jealousy and sent the three of them on their way.  

My one request from Starchy was that he take pictures and document the day.

Here are the pictures that Starchy came home with...

Clearly HP and The Dude mistook some other person as their dad.  Because they are totally looking the wrong direction!  Or maybe Starchy took up ventriloquism and threw his voice over to the right...I dunno.

A nice straight-up-the-nose shot of Starchy and HP.
Even in a crowd, HP knows how to strike a fierce pose (Oh look!  A fish in the background!).  
She looks half-hammered here.  Don't know what is up with the face.  Maybe Starchy said "Gimme a look like you are chewing on your tongue".
Again with the posing (notice how HP is more concerned with the popcorn then the fish).  She takes after her grandmothers in that respect.
A nice shot of The Dude gazing at the underwater sea life...oh wait...nevermind...just some more popcorn.
HP checking out a the AQUARIUM...are you starting to see the pattern here?

3-D glasses before the big Sponge Bob show.  
A nice shot of The Dude checking out some sharks...nope...wrong again...just him wearing two pairs of 3-D glasses.
HP and The Dude in front of the sea otter's exhibit.  Can't you see how excited the kids are at seeing the marine mammals!  Frickin' eh!  NOT ONE SINGLE PICTURE OF THE KIDS WITH SOME FISH?
Next time I am SO going.  And I promise a giant post all about the kids AND FISH! :)


zztopdog said...

You're right! Starchy looks as excited and totally into it as the kids! Glad they had a great time!

LiteralDan said...

My kids love the aquarium, too, though they aren't always so ready to fashionably pose for pictures. I only love the aquarium on free days.